Rollerblading in Amsterdam


In August 2014, TV presenter Jo Pickard and I set out to rollerblade 100 miles around Amsterdam. Carrying all of our camping gear on our back, we slept in the wild each night and dressed in 80’s clothing  – in a bid to encourage people to Say Yes More to life.

It turned out to be just about the most wonderful adventure disaster there ever was. 50 miles into the journey Jo broke her fingers in a nasty fall. There were crisis meetings, tea, long discussions, tears, shaking, before settling on a decision to complete the journey together on foot. We splinted Jo’s hand with a magnum stick (I took one for the team to inhale the ice cream), and we cradled her broken fingers in a sling made from a fluorescent 80’s leg-warmer. Medicine woman, eat your heart out.

It just went to show that great adventures, don’t need to be big adventures.